Corporate Social Responsibility

Parinama is a first-of-its-kind social network purpose-built for philanthropy, serving causes, missions, and movements worldwide.

The platform’s tailor-made digital resources inform, enable, inspire, and empower non-profit organizations, volunteers, charities, social investors, CSR programmes, and social enterprises with a range of direct benefits whilst connecting them with a globally unique audience.

As a network Parinama comprises a first-of-its-kind platform where individuals and organizations benefit from features focused on project promotion and coordination, partnership, recruitment, funding, exposure, raising awareness, volunteering, and sustainable social investment. In addition to the Project Space there are a range of other globally unique developments currently under evaluation.

Parinama’s Blog Bank and Research Centre are supplementary in extending the reach and voice of countless communities, including professional organizations, academics, the disadvantaged and persecuted, support services, activists, philanthropic associations, government bodies, volunteers, specialists, and research centers.

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