About Us

Headquartered at Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, Masdar Global Solutions (MGS) LLC is a leading provider of IT, ITES, Talent Acquisition & Business Process Outsourcing solutions to the Technology, Knowledge Services, Government, Retail, Banking and Financial Services sectors.

Supported by its founding partner – Design Unit Engineering, a multi- disciplinary consultancy organization established in 1985 with proven expertise in Architecture, Engineering Outsourcing, Structural Engineering, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Cost Consulting and Project Management – and spearheaded by a group of prominent domain experts from the global services industry, MGS focuses on enabling both buyers and providers to work together on addressing service needs within the aegis of global best practices and competencies.

Our firm’s reputation has been built on technical competence, proactive customer service and a commitment to uncompromising integrity, professionalism and high standards of delivery. Masdar (“مصدر”) is the Arabic word for “Source”.

To provide quality outsourcing services at competitive prices and consistency in service delivery, thereby generating considerable employment opportunities in various fields for Omani Nationals.
Become Oman’s leading Outsourcing Service Provider, both effective and efficient in providing a comprehensive range of quality solutions.

Our Values


We care about people and the role of work in their lives. We respect people as individuals, trusting them, supporting them, enabling them to achieve their aims in work and in life.

We help people develop their careers through planning, work, coaching and training. We recognize everyone's contribution to our success - our staff, our clients and our candidates. We encourage and reward achievement.


We share our knowledge, our expertise and our resources so that everyone understands what is important now and what is happening next in the world of work - and knows how to respond.

We actively listen and act upon this information to improve our relationships, solutions and services. Based on our understanding of the world of work, we actively pursue the development and adoption of the best practices worldwide.


We lead in the world of work. We dare to innovate, to pioneer and to evolve. We never accept the status quo. We constantly challenge the norm to find new and better ways of doing things.

We thrive on our entrepreneurial spirit and speed of response - taking risks, knowing that we will not always succeed, but never exposing our clients to risk.

Why Masdar?

Good governance is vital to any business success. Masdar’s transparent and efficient governance infrastructure provides the framework within which we implement our strategy and create further value for our stakeholders. Our strict adherence to Labour and corporate laws, strong internal compliances sets us apart from others.
In-Country Value
Omanization is a strategic initiative by the Government of Oman to provide employment for its citizens in the private and public sectors. Omanization targets positions that are integral to the business plans of private and public-sector entities. Supporting the development of Omanis (and our workforce overall) is at the heart of all operations at Masdar. Designed with the aim of making Masdar an appealing choice for Omani nationals, our Omanization programs align with Oman’s National Vision 2020 & 2040 and provide a framework for a consistent Omanization strategy across Masdar. In order to help achieve this, Masdar Global Solutions (MGS) is fully dedicated to providing appropriate job opportunities for Omani nationals, while simultaneously developing younger Omanis in order that they too may eventually benefit from this pioneering initiative. We strive to recognize and reward Omani nationals based on their skills, drive and contributions by incentivizing performance that sustains our culture and benefits our long-term business goals. There are many advantages of starting your professional journey with Masdar. Our strategy has been designed with the aim of empowering and engaging our Omani employees, ensuring they are accountable and responsible – the four pillars of a long and successful career with our company.
Knowledge Driven
We deliver our IT & Outsourcing services across various sectors, including Government, Manufacturing, IT, Telecom, Retail, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, e-commerce, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare. Our expertise across different sectors gives us the edge to enhance our client value proposition. Our efforts to strengthen our knowledge and handle complexities have enabled us reach out to more clients and expand our market presence.
Our People
We are fortunate to work with exceptional and engaged employees who live and represent Masdar values and leadership principles. To strengthen our role as the industry leader, it is our priority to assist our employees in developing their individual potential. Their engagement and development are the main factor in the success of our business. In our business, people make all the difference. We pride ourselves on our ability to recruit, motivate and retain the right people to help grow your business, and we relentlessly focus on refining coaching, training methods, analytical tools and incentives. Masdar culture is firmly based on our core values and leadership principles. Our core values are at the very heart of how we operate. They are shared and brought to life by all our employees. Our goal is to be recognized as an employer of choice, not just in our own industry but alongside other world-leading companies.
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